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We will be closed from 26/11-29/11 to participate in the International Sound & Sight Exhibition held at Parkroyal Hotel @ Kitchner Road


 We are at level 3 Jade 1 Function room. Please check the following link for further detail.




Wadax Pre 1 Ultimate pre amp/DAC has finally arrived!

The above picture shown Wadax Pre 1 Utlimate + Hermes Server


Parasound Halo Integrated has finally arrived! The first integrated amp from Parasound for the past 20 years.


The most exciting product of the year - Aurender N100H music server is likely to reach us in 1 week.

Inroduction Price - $3,900!



Year 2015 is a fruitful year! This year we have more products & brands gained global recognition!

Vivid G3 was named Speaker of the Year & overall Product of the Year by Stereophile

MSB Technogoly Analog DAC was awarded Digital Source of the Year by Stereophil as well








Counterfiet Warning!

1.Counterfeit Oyaide F1/M1 plugs were detected lately with fake Oyaide hologram sticker. Visit us to verify if you have purchased F1/M1 from unauthorzied source.

We have discovered countrerfeit Oyaide, Acrolink, AET & Acoustic Revive product made of inferior material over the past 4-5 years and the number is still growing. Please purchase the mentioned brands from aurthorized sources. 

2.Counterfiet Acoustic Revive RGC-24/RR77 were also being reported from unauthorized source.

Therefore, please exercise care when purchasing P/C series plugs, and please be sure that you are purchasing from authorized Oyaide distributors and dealers.

New Products expected to reach us in April/May included the following items:

*Vivid Giya G3 speaker 

*Phasemation EPA-007 headphone amp

*Lumen White Artisan speaker 

*HFX range of music & cinema server and ripper (RipNas) 


All range of AET flagship Evidence series cable has arrived! 12/3/12!


HiFi Review Best Product of the Year 2012 has announced - 3 of our Products were awarded!

1.Vivid Giya G2 speaker

2.MSB Diamond series DAC

3.Octave RE290 tube power amplifier


Audio Art Best of the Year 2012 has just announced - 3 of our products were awarded!

1.Best Performance of the Year - Octave Jubilee amp
2.Best Performance of the Year - MSB Signature DAC/transport 
3.Best Value of the Year - BMC Audio CD player

A good start for year 2012! 

BMC Audio C1 integrated amp featured a 2KVA transformer is now available for audition.


Acrolink 7N-P4030PC-R and 7N-PC4030PC-N power cords are both in stock!

MSB Technology has landed @ X Audio. We are the offical dealer for MSB Technology.

Every units of the MSB Technology equipment is preloaded with the name of the authorized dealers. We will not service any grey market product. Any grey market products found will be reported to manufacturer. The party that export the product to the unauthorized region is likely to be stripped from MSB Technology dealer list. The worst case is that the grey market items could be a stolen good, a products that is modified/repaired & product not produced to our local specification (eg. power supply)

Both Platinum DAC & Signature DAC are now on demo with MSB UMT & CD IV!


WARNING of counterfeit Oyaide products. Please check the following link:


Other than Oyaide products, we also witnessed counterfeit products from Acrolink & Acoustic Revive from unauthorized sources. Therefore, please exercise with extra care when purchasing Oyaide, Acrolink & Acoustic Revive products. Please be sure that your purchase from our authorized dealers.

Great New!

Our ever green best seller 6N-P4030 power cable has been replaced with the new improved 7N-P4030II DUCC Stressfree power cable has arrived. 

Parasound long awaited JC3 phono amp is expected to reach us in early April.

Vivid Audio G2 speaker is available for audition.


Nanotec System #305 power cable has arrived!


Oyaide sister brands Neo New range of D+ Firewire & USB cables has arrived replica handbags!!

From now till 30/11,  we'll like to offers a 15% discount on all our newly crowned Audio Excellence Division  Gold   replica Louis Vuitton bags Award Winners. Please refers to the following links for the awarded products under our distributionship.


Acrolink New limited Edition 8N-A2080 interconnect has arrived!

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